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Is there a doctor on board?

Medical emergencies during flights occur daily, although they are rare on a per-passenger basis. An article The New England Journal of Medicine published on May 30, 2013 estimates that 44,000 in-flight medical emergencies occur worldwide each year. The authors review records of in-flight medical emergency calls from 5 US and international airlines to a physician-directed medical communications center between January Continue Reading...
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KLM may dispose of your bag

On October 24, 2017, a reader of our website is scheduled to fly KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from Durham Teesside Valley airport in England to Amsterdam, where he will change planes to Seattle, while his final destination is Kalispell in Montana, USA. But first he calls KLM to ask whether he can use an EMD voucher issued by Delta Air Continue Reading...
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Miles & More will change

Loyalty programs tend to get ever more complicated. Customers can hardly figure out whether they can upgrade their tickets by using their miles. Usually, tickets are not upgradeable if the booking class and, thus, the price is low. But many airlines do not reveal the booking class when you are searching for a ticket. Swiss, for example,...
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Animals in the skies

Delta Air Lines will tighten the requirements for passengers traveling with service and emotional support animals effective March 1, 2018. This comes in response to a 150% increase in service and support animals since 2015. Those animals are often dogs assisting people with disabilities. The carrier cites a lack of regulation – even under Trump - that has led to Continue Reading...
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