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Watch KLM’s T&C

Air France/KLMAr France/KLM has a no-show clause in its terms & conditions. This is important for passengers who have a ticket with a number of flight segments. Take for example a ticket Brussels-Amsterdam-New York-Amsterdam-Brussels. It shows that Belgian travelers flying KLM need to change planes in Amsterdam, which is inconvenient to many passengers. If they fly a Belgian carrier they have a non-stop flight without a plane change. Therefore, KLM offers Belgian customers a lower fare than Dutch flyers to compensate for the inconvenience.

Belgian market

This way...
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Ban on plastic toiletries

California is an environmental front runner. In 2014 it is the first US state to ban plastic bags. Now it is moving again early. The beginning of the end of plastic single-use toiletries seems to be in sight. California will ban plastic bottles under 12 ounces (355 ml) from hotels. The ban will take effect in 2023.

Plastic single-use toiletries

On October 9, 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom signs a bill banning those toiletries from hotels. The ban will apply to hotels only. It will not impact other facilities like...
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The smallest bikini

BikiniA Taiwanese tourist is on holiday in the Philippines on the island Boracay. She is wearing a micro bikini that doesn’t escape locals other vacationers’ attention. They take pictures of her and post them on social media. The photos go viral and attract the police’s attention. Police track down the Taiwanese woman and learn in which hotel she is staying on the island.

Micro bikini

They summon the woman, believed to be in her 20s, to the Boracay police station. When she arrives at the police she is wearing a dress. She tells the...
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Buy back your status

Lufthansa A380If you earn 100,000 status miles in 2019, you will qualify for the senator status in Miles & More. This is the gold status in Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program. The status is valid for 2 years. Those who already are senators requalify if they earn 100,000 status miles. This time of the year Miles & More is sending out emails to senators who did not (yet) requalify for the senator status this year. A reader who receives such an email forwards it to us. It...
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How useful is KLM’s Flying Blue?

Air France/KLMA reader shares his experience with his Flying Blue membership in the USA. Flying Blue is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ and Air France’s frequent flyer program. The reader has the highest status in the program, which is platinum for life. But he discovers that it is fairly worthless in the USA.

SkyTeam lounges

He flies KLM’s American SkyTeam partner Delta Air Lines on several routes within the USA. KLM advertises with “worldwide access to SkyTeam lounges.” Nonetheless, a...
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A shady president

Donald TrumpUS military flights to the Middle East used to make a stop in Spain or Germany. However, since the US presidency has been outsourced to the Trump organization this is no longer the case. Those flights now make a stopover in Scotland, which is very lucrative for the Trump organization.

Expensive golf resort

Fuel is considerably more expensive in Scotland than in Spain or Germany. What’s more, there are reasonably priced hotels in Spain and Germany. So why is the US Air Force now paying considerably more than necessary for fuel and lodging?...
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